Historical portrait :

According to the legend, the name of Dogneville would come from the name of a villa built in the sixth century by Saint Arnould and his wife Dode, which would have given it its name: "Dodiniacavilla". Until the tenth century, Epinal still depended on the parish of Dogneville.

After the 1870 war, the Kleber fort, belonging to the belt of Epinal, is built on the territory of the commune. In 1911, the army also moved to Dogneville a small airfield can accommodate some reconnaissance aircraft and observation balloons. It would serve as home base during World War II.


The little story:

René Fonck: Born in 1894 in Saulcy-sur-Meurthe. He was a hero of the First World War. He was nicknamed “the ace of aces "of the French Air Force, he shot down 75 aircrafts alone. In 1921 he founded with some friends the Flying Club Dogneville Vosges at the site of the former military airfield.

Monuments / Heritage:

Geschichtlicher Überblick: